Orchestrated Corruption

Orchestrated Corruption

By Apolinario Villalobos



If there is one evil act that is difficult to suppress, it is the orchestrated corruption in a government. In this scheme, the acts are done with smooth coordination to ensure a harmonious execution. This happens when cohorts are well placed in strategic positions in the government. Third world countries are the most susceptible to this kind of malevolence. Highly-developed countries seldom, if ever, suffer from it.


While in some countries, the highest official is involved, in others, the official, is seemingly ignorant, and just keep on wondering how shenanigans are committed under his administration. Still in other countries, the highest official who attempts to execute reform programs unknowingly appoints misfits in key positions of the government. And, worse, when the incompetence of his appointees surface, he boldly defends their acts, complete with an innocent smile.


For the highest official to fulfill his dream of completing his task within the period for which he has been elected, he indiscriminately and desperately appoints hobby buddies, classmates, and election supporters to key positions, thinking that they could provide him with the necessary support in all his efforts. No amount of counsel about observed bad performance could bend his stubbornness to recognize their loyalty. It is at this point where orchestrated corruption come in. Since the subordinates perceive the persistent appreciation of their patron to their apathetic performance, they go on with their orchestrated execution to the detriment of the whole system.


In the Philippines, the result of this betrayal of the people’s trust is the perpetual investigations of corruption-related cases in the government with not even a single resolution in sight, absence of attempt to correct detected flaws in isolated operation of agencies or overall system, and lukewarm concern on matters that deal with international relations. And, for how long this orchestrated and corrupt political symphony will go on….only God knows!





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