Have Contentment…Be Happy!

Have Contentment…Be Happy!

By Apolinario Villalobos


There is always a question if we are happy in what we do. One thing has been missed – a check if there is contentment. It should be remembered that unless we are contented in what we are doing, we can never be happy. In other words, contentment should come first, before we can finally say that we are happy.


Happiness is the emotion that translates the degree of contentment that we feel. The most evident expression is the smile which means that, the lesser the lips part for the smile, the lesser is the degree of contentment, and the wider the parting of the lips is, the greater is the contentment. Of course, for the more ecstatic, the higher the jump, the greater is the happiness felt. Or the louder the shout, the higher is the degree of the happiness that needs to be let out.


One stumbling block in this quest is greed which for as long as not satiated, no contentment is in sight. Some people don’t seem to understand the word “enough”.  The resulting attitude may be positive, especially, in the attainment of success. On the other hand, unsatisfied greed drives some countries to exploit economically frail ones, corrupt politicians and government officials to further exploit the trust of constituents, land grabbers to claim more lands, businessmen to ride on the dire need of the lowly for basic necessities, etc.


Happiness is not always measured by money. Having satisfaction in an endeavor is more than enough to make one smile. Filipinos are known for this. On TV, interviewed Filipinos can still sweetly smile even after declaring their difficulties in life, while adding that they are happy in earning just enough. Evidently, whatever minute degree of contentment left in them is not overwhelmed by hate, but instead, happiness is still projected by a smile on their face.


There is a persistent reminder for us to be contented with what we have in life, although, what comes later as added blessing can be welcomed and shared. If only everybody bears that in mind, the world shall burst with happiness!





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