Happiness in Sacrifice

Happiness in Sacrifice
By Apolinario Villalobos

No feeling is more fulfilling than sacrificing for others, especially, if this is done with utmost humility. For those who are used to doing such action, it has become spontaneous, a routine in their daily life. While some of those who sacrifice do not mind the recognition given them publicly, the rest prefer to stay incognito, shunning cameras as they do their act.

Some sacrifices are part of professions which are performed beyond their limitations. In third world countries, there are stories about teachers and health workers who have to trek over hills and cross rivers to reach their areas of assignment, while those assigned in cities, risk their lives in frequenting slums. Others enjoy themselves while sacrificing their spare time with the underprivileged, especially, on the aspect of spirituality. Very evident are the young evangelists who would hit the road on weekends to visit their flocks in depressed areas. Some housewives find time to volunteer for pastoral duties as lay ministers who assist Catholic priests, as mother butlers who take charge of priestly needs for the Mass, while some knock on doors to distribute religious pamphlets and share the good news from the bible.

Heroes sacrifice their lives for their countrymen. Each country has their own heroes whose bravery gave them prominence and a fitting page in their history. Necessity, some say, creates heroes who are ready to sacrifice, but this tendency is innate in others. As there are historic heroes, so are there modern-day heroes who sacrifice for the sake of their families. These are the exported workforce from the third world countries, and who sacrifice years of being away from their families to earn in affluent countries as housekeepers, drivers, waiters, construction workers, nurses, teachers, to name just some of the jobs. Their sacrifice has also earned indirect revenue for their governments by way of regular remittances to their families.

More modern heroes manifest themselves in times of calamities and disasters, such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes, fires and accidents. Ever nippy photographers capture their acts with cameras that later earn worldwide appreciations and admirations when uploaded in the internet. Some images even elicit tears from viewers. But the most remarkable effect is how these acts have opened the eyes of the naïve and made them vow to do similar acts if an opportunity crops up.

There are other unsung heroes around us with unrecognized sacrifices that somehow help alleviate the pockets of turmoil in our planet. These faceless denizens deserve our prayers mumbled with heartfelt gratitude and thanks.

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