Surviving in a Harsh Environment

Surviving in a Harsh Environment
By Apolinario Villalobos

For every step that we take, an effort is exerted, and the degree of difficulty in doing such depends on our outlook in life. Those who are positive in their outlook, have less effort for every step they take, while those with apprehensions make strides with heavy steps.

There are many factors that hold us back, such as the lack of self-confidence, people who can’t bear to see others succeed, and the environment. One stimulus that can somehow deter those is the desire to survive for the sake of an ideal, a loved one, or pride. When this happens, one’s adrenalin is pumped up,pushing him to do even what is seem to be impossible, giving substance to the immemorial life’s simple compendium summarized in the reminder : survival of the fittest.However, there are still some who are complacently without desire to improve their lot.

It is important that we employ resourcefulness in all our efforts to survive, but as to what extent of contentment, another issue cannot be disregarded – morality, because while there are some who are satisfied with “just enough”, others want more than they need. The desire to be more affluent than the rest becomes the virus of greed that destroys society, as it breeds exploitation of the weak and humble.

There is no more glaring showcase of this immoral exploitive craving, than in the world of politics that has become synonymous to corruption. In that world, the general norm is how fast a politician and government could amass wealth at the most discreet way.The constituents are haplessly left with the morsels of what are supposed to be theirs.

Stories of corruption are the same anywhere in the world just like survival efforts. Images are similar, too. It is sad that the world we are living in today is far from what the Creator intended it to be. In order to survive, the downtrodden with still enough courage have learned to fight back, resulting to pockets of war, rallies, banditry, or remain lax and just be contented with insignificant favors from corrupt government officials and politicians that need to be paid back making them modern-day slaves of gratitude.

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