Fleeting Moments of Happiness

Fleeting   Moments   of   Happiness

(for  Glenda Lucero   David)


By  Apolinario  Villalobos


Life    is   like   a   book –

For  each  page,  flipped   and   browsed

Tells  a  story, a woven tapestry   of   moments

Full  of  color   in shades  of  grief   and  happiness.


Life  is  like   a  stream –

Flowing, with  surface  rippled and   agitated

By  a  rock, fallen  leaf, gliding fish, swimming  child

Moments  of  trials, some are  gigantic,  some  are   mild.


For   whatever   life   brings –

We   must   thank   the   Lord   with   profuse   gratitude

Endure  the   sharp bitter   taste,   relish  every  drop  of  sweetness

Smile,  laugh,  and  frolic  even  in   its fleeting  moments   of  happiness. 


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