Now It Can Be Told

Now It Can Be Told…



By Apolinario Villalobos



Tacloban Mayor Romualdez has been shown on TV restraining himself from crying while relating what happened when typhoon Yolanda devastated his city. Tears, though, flowed as he related how he proved to be helpless while talking to his wife over the phone to give instruction on how they can secure themselves. His testimony was highlighted by his allegations that no international relief goods  immediately reached them, his frustration on the delayed reaction of the national government despite his desperate call for help, the relief of the city chief of police – all of which further aggravated by the uncalled for “reminder” by DILG Secretary that he is a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino. The “reminder” was the talk of the city but I wondered why the media did not pick it up. 


The DILG Secretary grabbed the limelight from NDRRMC, the agency which is supposed to be on top of the situation during the aftermath of the typhoon, perhaps, hoping that the opportunity could give him the much needed mileage for his quixotic bid to become president. As if his trying hard moves were not enough, Korina Sanchez, did her share of making cover ups, negating what a Holywood-based and respected broadcaster was sharing while making an on-the-spot broadcast from Tacloban City.


Earlier, I mentioned that the more Roxas talks, the more he is showing his weak points. The latest testimony of Mayor Romualdez, just confirmed this observation. Roxas is one of those who  personify the ailing or rather rotting political system of the country. While these kind of people are still entrenched in the government, no hope for the country is in sight. 

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