The Path Towards Home


By Apolinario Villalobos


Nothing is sweeter

To hear than “home”,

A word that tickles the ear

And pricks the heart, so hard to bear-

A sensation that drowns the soul

With a feeling that only a wordless awe

Can give it vividness

To satisfy a long harbored

Pang of loneliness.


Here I am

Treading the path towards home

Dizzy, not for the searing and blinding sun

Thirsty, not for a swig of sweet cool water

Nor hungry, not for want of food

Though my guts do twirl and growl

It is the thought that not for long

My journey is ended

As I make my last firm step

At the threshold of my home.


At last I can again feel on my soles

The granules of earth that I coaxed

To nurture the grains of life

That I patiently dropped

From morn till noon, until twilight

Until hot salty sweat dimmed my sight

Then a prayer to Him I said fervently

That all my toils will bear fruit someday.


Home at last!

I thank the Lord for His guiding hand

That prod me to tread the same path

Towards a new life- a gainful life,

Though as He designed I had to strive

Which made me strong

To make the trek back home…


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