Ripples in the Stream

Ripples in the Stream

 By Apolinario B Villalobos


(A special reblog for Anna/oneanna65)


I have always been fascinated

by the stream –

mesmerized by the murmur

that the flowing water makes

as a pebble is thrown into it,

and as the current hits a rock,

as if protesting the presence

that hinders

its smooth journey

along the crevice of the earth.


The gentle touch of a dragonfly,

the sudden appearance of a fish’s snout,

the splash of swimming children,

the soft touch of a falling leaf,

the sudden gust of wind,

the trickles of incessant rain –

cause the ripples that rupture

the earth’s gently flowing stream.


Now that I am old,

I realized

that God has reasons

for  everything,

so He gave us intelligence

to understand them all

without any misgiving.


Indeed, just like a stream

that gets dented with ripples,

challenges and trials

make us cry in anguish;

and like a stream

that just keeps on flowing

there is nothing we can do

but go on living…


If the stream can keep on flowing,

so should we  –

let our lives flow

along the crevice of destiny.


Just like a stream

that joins the rest down its path

giving life along its way

towards the sea,

so must we …

help others with sincerity

as we meld with them

towards our destiny.

 (At 65, Anna lives in pain due to swollen joints and other parts of her body. Fearful to receive radiation and drug prescriptions if she goes to a doctor, she tries her best to make do with natural remedies. Sometimes she does not know if she will ever wake up to another day. But her courage and strong faith in God gives her the strength to draw sustaining breath of life despite the accompanying pain.)

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