A Friend, a gem…

A Friend, a gem…

(For Rex Velez)


By Apolinario B. Villalobos



Friends are earned

Not just by a simple acquaintance

Made in a  day, a week, a month

It’s more than having lunch together

Or enjoying toasts in a drinking spree

But years of being together

Sharing heartaches, and laughter.


And having a friend like Rex

Is like having found a gem

In a pile of unwanted stones

That for long, scorched by sun

Coated with layers of dust

Washed with torrential rains

Till exposed by time and sparkled.


Emotionally strong

He never buckled under a heavy load

Instead, smiled his way

Through the onslaught of storms

Showing the rest how to enjoy life

This he did with uttered inspirations

And resolved persevering actions.


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