Pride and Mistakes

Pride and Mistakes

By Apolinario B Villalobos


Nobody is free from the guilt of committing mistakes, be they petty or enormous.

Nobody shall ever learn unless he or she has committed mistakes, hence, the adage “learn from mistakes”.


While some are humble enough to learn from mistakes…the rest are overwhelmed by their pride… they refuse to admit their mistakes. The refusal is like a chain that holds them back from moving on.


The mistakes we made are steps we took towards our destiny. Refusing then, in admitting our mistakes shall imply that we did not move on, since we did not make any step at all!

The arrogant cannot accept the fact that man is not perfect…or that man is bound to commit mistakes in life.


Pride feeds on adoration of accumulated wealth, dizzying success, or plain appalling  attitude. The arrogant filthy rich thinks, his money can buy anything, including power to hide mistakes. The success-intoxicated man thinks that he can do just anything better than anybody else, otherwise he can’t be successful. And, there’s the simply conceited man who sees himself as the only rightfully thinking creation of God, with the rest, wallowing in mistakes.


I think, the best thing to do, is evaluate what we have done and said at the end of the day. It is important to know if we have done anything that could have displeased others, hence, displease Him. That is the reason, perhaps, why He gave us brains. Let us put to proper use that one attribute which makes us superior to the rest of His creations.


The Journey of Man

The Journey of Man…

And the Mother’s Extended Hand


By Apolinario B Villalobos


Since birth man is destined to undertake a journey…


As a helpless infant, he is helped in his journey by his mother. As a toddler when he has learned to crawl, his curiosity brings him to all directions of his playpen, living room of the house, bedroom, anywhere that he is allowed to explore.


When he learns to take a few steps, he goes further where accidents that he encounter give him lessons to be learned as regards things that should be touched or play with.


When he enters a prep school, his physical journey is coupled with mental explorations through the pages of coloring  and big-lettered illustrated books.


When he joins his peers in elementary he steps up the ladder of knowledge that he continues to do as he enters high school and college. Along the way, he meets friends.


Everybody’s been through all these…


The journey is not without difficulties. And, to help us through them, there’s always our mother who would extend a hand every time we stumble. Through thick and thin, she is always around giving us assurance, always ready to help.


I cannot  just imagine life without a mother!


Patience is one virtue that mothers are born with. Our mother overflows with it.


In our journey, we always see her hand giving us directions. Sometimes we feel it, as she pushes us on if we are at the verge of quitting. Sometimes her hand would give us a slight pat if we make mistakes.


As for me, I have done my best to follow the right direction in my effort to reach my destination. This I did as I tread on long roads that sometimes wind through rock-strewn hills, as they poetically say of challenges.


Yes, the road of life is not that smooth. But thanks to the extended hand of my mother.  At last, I am where I should be…