Life By Apolinario B Villalobos


By Apolinario B Villalobos

Life is like a woven tapestry

Intertwining threads make the whole

The threads are values that make us up

So that the strength and beauty of the tapestry

Will show on  how we live our life every day.

Waking up in the morning

Let us be glad, another day has come

The Lord must be fairly, profusely thanked

That again, we savor the warmth of the sun

Breath the air and enjoy life as best as we can.

The beauty of life we live

Will show on how we love and give

For us to say, we love the Lord is not enough

Still not, even in strings of prayers it is said

If our heart void of love – of stone it’s made!

A loosely woven tapestry is fragile

More so if threads are weak, thin and flimsy

A sorry sight, also it will be, drab or dreary

Just like life that’s lived without purpose

Drifting, whirling with the wind as it blows!

Alexter (the blind singer of Quiapo church) By


(the blind singer of Quiapo church)

By Apolinario B Villalobos

On TV he was seen one day,

Winner of a noontime show’s contest

That draws a cellphone number to be called

Then visited by hosts who try to find

Where he lives – by all means;

Alexter took time to answer the call

That made the home studio’s host

Threaten to draw another number

Making the audience gasp

So the host persevered and waited.

When finally, Alexter answered

His voice sounded distant, unclear

Prompting the home studio host

To tell his colleagues  in the vicinity –

Find the guy, wherever he may be.

Held by a friend, they found Alexter

With closed eyes waiting in the throng

The hosts thought the glare of the sun

He can’t take for long, but why look up?

Till they found he’s blind, this pathetic man!

Left by his wife when he lost his sight

He got no choice but face life on his own

So with a young son, Christian, nine years of age

Braved the labyrinth of Quiapo in Manila’s heart

Where they found a room, they call home.

Oblivious to the noise and utter confusion

The two tried to live typically on their own

Gifted with good voice, Alexter sang the liturgies

Earning though a pittance, he thanks the Lord

That He is around to shield them from adversaries.

Cris “Kesz” Valdez…epitome of struggle

Cris “Kesz” Valdez

…epitome of struggle


By Apolinario B Villalobos


An innocent smile

Gives radiance to his face –

Kesz, as friends call the lad

Is a picture of exhilaration

When all eyes turned to him

And palms are clapped

For a thunderous jubilation.


The thirteen years of struggle

Put his enduring will to a test

As he lived away from family

Who thought him to be a jinx

And to a dump he was left

But lucky to have been saved

And given another chance to live.


Devoting his life in helping others

This he does, though at such an age –

Pushing carts filled with books

He and his buddies scour the roads

For children with want for knowledge

Nothing can slow them down, not rain

Not thirst, not hunger, aches and pain.


The International Children Peace Prize

For the year 2012 he got, truly deserved

Has shown that God has plans for us all

And that the best life that man can live

Is one that is patiently driven with guts

And nurtured with determination to succeed

Just like what this sweetly smiling lad, Kesz did!


(Kesz Valdez has been awarded the 2012 International Children’s Peace Prize at The Hague for his effort in helping around 10,000 children in Cavite City, 30 kilometers from Manila City. He is with a group who pushes pushcarts filled with books, toys, sweets, slippers, etc. for the needy children of the city. They share with the children knowledge on health, values and love of God.)