Jaime Mayor…honest kutsero of Luneta By Apolinario B Villalobos At

Jaime Mayor

…honest kutsero of Luneta


By Apolinario B Villalobos



At dawn, from his humble home in Caloocan

He diligently pedals his way to Luneta

The same he does when he goes home at night

But all these he does with unpretentious delight.


In Luneta, for years, he worked as kutsero

Guiding his tame horse, he fondly calls Rapido

Both of them braving the rain and searing sun

Even  pangs of hunger as best as they can.


A typical Filipino, this guy – Jaime Mayor

For earning honestly, he could not ask for more

With perpetual smile on his sun-burned face

He and Rapido, in Luneta, strollers can’t miss.


One day, his honesty was put to a test

When a purse was left behind by a tourist

Whom he pursued just before she was gone

And who was amazed by such an honest man.


Tightly he was hugged and praised to heavens

In a language that sounded strange to him

But just the same, these he took in stride

Though, his appreciation, he could not hide.


He said, he is proud to be a Filipino

And proud that he lives in a beautiful country

His modest knowledge of English, then…

Is always ended with –

“It’s more fun to be in the Philippines”!



(Jaime Mayor is a driver (kutsero) of a horse-driven rig (kalesa) in Luneta (Rizal Park) of Manila. His average daily earning is Php200.00. This is carefully budgeted to suffice for the needs of his wife and four children. One day he drove around the park four French ladies, one of whom left her purse in the back seat of the rig. After noticing it, he practically ran after the group. The ladies were amazed. The owner of the purse gave him a tight hug. On September 13, 2012, the Rizal Park administration gave him a plaque of appreciation.)

Failures Can Push You

Failures Can Push You


By Apolinario B Villalobos


Yes, it’s true…

Failures can push you

Even further if you bear in mind

Your aspirations in life;

All you need is check

What mistakes were made;

Do not blame others, too

For it’s only you

And you alone

Who directs your life

Though others could inspire you

In some ways they can help

But just the same

Always think that success

Can be attained

If only you will do your part

The best you can, and

Think positive –

For it can be done!

Ruby(Young Hooker of Manila) By Apolinario B Villalobos A star


(Young Hooker of Manila)


By Apolinario B Villalobos


A star sapphire glitters in the dark

just when your first cry tore the silence apart

and two faces smile with no word said

but a heartfelt thanks to the God above.


Into this world comes forth

another flower for their eyes and bundle of joy

who there lies for every body to behold

and now your story’s being told.


You’ve trodden enough

roads of stones and thorns so rough

for a woman but you are strong in heart

and full of hope that even the searing sun

could not wilt your will

melt your strength as you go on still

just like the fire

I find in your name.

Intrepid Me

Intrepid Me

(Tribute to tireless

travel bloggers)


by Apolinario B Villalobos



At the crack of dawn

While the rest of humanity

Are still curled up in their bed

I’m already up, eager, excited;

I hit the road, buoyed with lightness –

Letting my feet just carry me on

As I unwind my pent up energy

That gives me a feeling of ecstasy.


With cell phone, notebook and pen

Camera, batteries, biscuits, candies

Towel, extra shirt, coins and bills –

All backpacked, I trek over hills;

A shot here and there, mesmerized –

A stop here and there, hypnotized –

Only aahs and oohs, I say nothing more

As the searing sun, I patiently endure.


The world is my home, it’s where I belong

I let no oceans and seas hinder me, there are ships

I let no great distance distress me, there are airplanes

I let no meager funds discourage me, I can scrimp

I let no insufficient language daunt me, I can make signs

I let no difference in culture deter me, I can learn

I let no difference in climate frighten me, I can adapt

This is me, intrepid me, my desire to explore is my map!